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Reprocessing Solutions for Dental instruments

Reprocessing Solutions for

Dental instruments

Effectively reprocessing your Reusable Medical devices is not only critical in preventing the spread of healthcare-associated infections, it is a requirement.*

Every day dental practices reprocess a variety of instruments at different times, temperatures, and conditions. The one thing you want is assurance that your goods have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in accordance with your local standards and facility requirements. As your full-service partner, we support you through the entire clinical pathway, so that you can continue to provide excellent care, without compromise.

*AS/NZS 4187:2014 Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organisations
These products are not available for purchase by the general public
Getinge Assured Bowie-Dick Test Card TT (Table Top)
Getinge’s Bowie-Dick type tests have been developed and tested to conform to the requirements of EN ISO 11140-4. Our sensitive advanced ink technology provides greater accuracy and user information on process conditions compared to conventional test packs.
  • Meets EN ISO 11140-4
  • Sensitive Advanced Ink Technology for greater Accuracy
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$38.10 ex.GST
Meditrax® Suretrax Process Indicator Batch Labels - Blue
MEDITRAX® Suretrax Batch Labels allow you to record the sterilizer number, cycle number, and the date.
  • Durable & easy to use
  • Quick & Simple Number changing
  • Designed to reduce risk of RSI
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5 Rolls/Box
$176.10 ex.GST
Meditrax Dental Module Sterilizer Log Book
MEDITRAX® Dental Sterilizer Traceability provides batch tracking to patient, with pre-filled Dental kits specifically designed for dental surgery requirements.
  • Specifically designed for surgery requirements
  • Traceability for patient, staff & sterilizers
  • Provides document integrity & final audit trail
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$35.00 ex.GST
Titems Diagnostic Emulators 3.5
Titems Diagnostic Emulators are designed for use in steam sterilizers, providing an integrated response to various defined combinations of time, temperature, pressure and presence of moist saturated steam.
  • Easily identifiable visual confirmation of correct sterilization conditions.
  • Aids in the detection of a variety of sterilizer malfunctions.
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$57.70 ex.GST
Meditrax Emulators
The MEDITRAX® Emulator is designed for use in steam sterilizers operating at 134˚C for 4 minutes, developed specifically for use with MEDITRAX® Log Books.
  • For use in steam sterilizers operating at 134˚C for 4 minutes
  • Changes colour from purple to green when exposed to appropriate steam sterilization conditions.
  • Has an adhesive backing for record keeping purposes
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$193.60 ex.GST
Wash Monitor Ultrasonic (Blue)
Wash Monitor Ultrasonic test soil is designed to parallel the removal of blood and tissue from surgical instruments in pre-cleaning and the ultrasonic process.
  • No harmful components, with non-toxic, synthetic soil.
  • Quick and easy to use
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$173.00 ex.GST

About Us

We are passionate about healthcare; both for those providing it, and the people in need for it. And after more than a century of creating healthcare innovations, we still share a passion for helping our customers improving people’s lives.

Short facts

  • Founded in 1904 in the small town of Getinge, Sweden
  • Providing hospitals and life science institutions with products and solutions aiming to improve clinical results and optimize workflows
  • Offering includes solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing and life science.
  • More than 10,800 employees worldwide
  • Operations in 39 countries
  • Sales in more than 125 countries
  • The production is conducted at facilities in: France, China, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, UK and the US
  • 8 billion SEK in revenue in 2020
  • Head office located in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Mattias Perjos is President & CEO
  • Johan Malmquist is Chairman of the Board
  • Listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap list since 1993

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